Mt Moriah Baptist Church

Seeking a Pastor

The Mount Moriah Baptist Church is seeking a Pastor

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church located in Starr, South Carolina (Anderson County/Upstate South Carolina) is seeking a Pastor called by God and dedicated to the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Pastor shall be guided by the principles set forth in I Timothy 3: 1-7 and Titus 1: 5-9. The Pastor shall instruct the congregation in religious truth and guide the church to internal order. All candidates must be licensed and ordained in the Baptist Church and seeking to lead the 200 – 250 congregation as a visionary of God to further grow the church. The Pastor shall be a believer in the basic doctrine of the regular Missionary Baptist Church and a Preacher of the Gospel. Theological education and work experience shall be such as to provide with the ability to exercise intellectual and spiritual leadership for the congregation.