Mt Moriah Baptist Church

Youth Ministry

imageMission:  To cultivate a life transformation of youth by the power of the Holy Spirit that they (the youth) might conform to the revealed will of God as expressed in scripture and chiefly in the person of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Vision:  To teach our youth to become better Christians through worship, praise and good works in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  By growing and utilizing the services provided by our youth ministry, this task can and will be met through effort and dedication by parent and child participation.

Are You Down With P.O.C.?

(Passion of Christ)

After-School/Tutorial Ministry
A tutorial ministry provided Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6-8 pm to assist pre-school through 12th grade students with homework or a specific subject area. Study rooms and computer rooms are provided.
African-American History Ministry
An educational ministry to enlighten the community about our rich rectory through cultural activities and events from a Christian perspective. Activities such as personalities, movies, plays, etc. will be conducted in January and February of each calendar year.
HIV/AIDS (Health) Ministry
A health ministry where God’s children are called together to be the body of Christ and to proclaim God’s will to love one another. This ministry will promote good health and healthy lifestyle habits for the mind, body and spirit, as well as preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS through education and awareness.
Pre-School/Nursery Ministry
An educational ministry designed for children of ages 10 and under. Volunteers must interact with the children by reading and teaching Bible stories, singing, supervising games, performing plays and other Godly activities.
Pre-Teen/Teen Ministry
An educational ministry designed for children of ages 11-17 years old to learn the word of God at Bible Study and Children’s Church (two Sundays a month). This ministry includes school visits when necessary.
Vacation Bible School
A one-week biblical day curriculum for parents, students, community visitors and the church to unite in order to learn, challenge and enhance one’s knowledge about Jesus Christ.
Summer Program Ministry
A summer refuge ministry designed to provide our youth a place to learn, play and grow in the word of God through songs, activities and guest speakers.
Outreach Ministry
An outer sanctuary ministry designed to bring the good news of Jesus to youth in various neighborhoods in hopes of bringing them closer to Christ and providing them a church to attend.
Praise/Dance Ministry
An inspirational ministry designed for our youth to express their love for Christ through praise and dance. Dancers will incorporate lyrical interpretations to Christian music for worship services and community events.
Drama Ministry
A creative medium to celebrate God’s presence and to speak the Gospel. Drama will be used as a teaching and communication tool to enhance scriptures and the worship experience. It will allow participants to offer human creativity to others and ultimately God.